Always – heads, heels and standards high!

heels 3

The perfect one!


In search of a perfect one

On a date

I love my stilettos

They are trendy n hot

But I care not

I hate to pity

My weary feet!


I generally love

To tread on my mules

At times

On my wedges

And many a times

I flip flop my way

All through the day!


Kitten heels

To walk stealthily

Or sneakers to sneak

Loafers help me

Trot the globe

And with boots

I march ahead!


With choices aplenty

Out numbering my toes –

Trainers, oxfords and fantasy

Ballerinas, gladiators or peep toes

They drive me all crazy

And leave my wallet empty

All for the love of a perfect pair!


Take good care of your feet! Have a great day!

Posted for Wednesday Challenge – Summer Footwear

And A Photo a Week Challenge: Footwear

12 thoughts on “Always – heads, heels and standards high!

Add yours

  1. I have tons of shoes. That is a great photo. Back many years ago, when my husband was here and I had a bit more money to spend, I used to shop for shoes all the time. When I was stressed out at work, my coworker would come in to see if I had shoe websites up. Luckily I did control myself sometimes, but I still love shoes. Now I only wear a few pairs as I don’t work so I don’t have anywhere to wear them all. Someday…

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    1. Good to know you are a shoe lover! It’s very important to have a social life for ourselves… try to connect with more people of your kind, plan and dress up n meet at least once a fortnight… this peps your mood which is very important! And make a conscious effort to wear your collection of shoes one by one and digitalise your memories by clicking some pics each time 😃 wishing you all the luck for more shoe time… 🤗🤗🤗 thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 😊

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    1. I flip flop all day when at home, but out something comfy for sure – sneakers, loafers or wedges depending on where I’m heading… and on a date stilettos 👠 for sure 🙃😂 not sure when that’s happening 🤣 thank you for sharing your thoughts 🤗🤗

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