The woods are lovely dark and deep…

Yes, at the Greenwood Conservation Area, Ajax, Ontario.

These bright tulips were waiting to greet us, at the parking lot which was reasonably full – an indication of the existance of other enthusiasts who dared to be out like us as soon as the lockdown norms were relaxed in the city…

A tree sculpture called Hope, is to the right of the gate as soon as you enter and has a very interesting story behind it! The tree was recovered as part of the Town’s Emerald Ash Borer Management Strategy and was reused to produce the environmentally responsible art piece – which I thought was a very amazing thing to do!

Once inside the gates, the area has well marked paths leading to the Greenwood Discovery Pavillion, which is closed at the moment as a part of the lockdown measures…

There were many trails – we decided to head to the waterfront… Initially, literally through the woods followed by a flight of steps – I trotted happily, enjoying the newly found freedom post lockdown!

The burbling of the stream was heavenly and worth the experience…

After all the fun at the water, it was time to retrieve our way back. We took the bridge across the stream only to find ourselves on the stairway all the way to the top! Guess this was the most difficult part of the hike – our cardio for the day!

View of the bridge from the top – shows the climb we had to tackle on the way back! Finally it was the end of the Duffins Trail… We were happy to find ouselves in the company of some huge gorgeous trees and picnic benches, where one could hangout for hours at a stretch…

We took a snack break under the first tree, enjoying the gentle wind and watching the gorgeous trees and  people around thanking God for this wonderful time with nature… Finally when the sun was down, we headed to the car park with the words of Robert Frost playing on my mind –

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.
I guess in life, we have to take some risks to enjoy it… Live life to the fullest! Stay fit, stay healthy, stay safe…
Posted for my first JO’S MONDAY WALK

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  1. When you go down a hill invariably you have to climb back up it. Good for the soul. Or something 🙂 🙂 A lovely playground for you, and one I’m sure you’ll be happy to revisit. Many thanks fro joining me with a walk. I do appreciate it.

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