It’s not fair…

To be locked down when spring is in the air!

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Would love to be Under the Big Top at the county fair #SquareTops

Here’s hoping the lockdown will soon end and I can be with the birds, bees n butterflies under the blue sky!

Have a bright n beautiful day!

6 thoughts on “It’s not fair…

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  1. We may miss the best of spring here. The Toronto Health Officer was suggesting it could end sometime in June or July. But of course that’s if things go well and we maintain good behaviour. If things don’t go well it will take longer.

    I’m sorry your first year here is being so weird. Spring and particularly early summer is a wonderful time here with lots of outdoor activities and festivals. There will still be many in mid to late summer though and next year you can experience all of the best our city and province have to offer.

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    1. So very true and so very kind of you… I never ever dreamt to be in a situation like this! I’ll be happy even if the lockdown gets over in end of June, as that still leaves us with at least 3 months to explore the neighbourhood in warm weather, with social distancing in mind. Of course will make up for the loss next year 😃 Thank you n stay safe 🤗

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