Make the best of the lockdown time…

For me ‘top notes’ do matter as they make the first impression… #SquareTops


We all are familiar with the #Stay home,stay safe norms and should continue practising it. Now I would like stress upon #Look good, feel good factor for better mental health during these difficult times.

So try these tips…

  • Don’t laze in bed longer than usual – Stick to some workout schedule.
  • Try yoga, zumba, aerobics,dancing or whatever interests you.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Dress up even if you are going to be confined to your home.
  • Wear something peppy and nice, and perfumes too!
  • Try on something new – maybe a new hairdo or makeup style…
  • Share household chores with your partner or kids with your favourite music on.
  • Try your hands at things like baking, painting, landscaping your garden or writing a poetry, even if it’s not your forte!
  • Relive n cherish old memories by seeing family albums with your partner/kids.
  • Spice up your romance quotient…
  • Connect with a few different friends each day over video calls on regular basis.
  • It’s very important to stay connected with family and friends, when we are isolated and lonely…
  • Try your hand at Becky’s #SquareTops – Warning: Addictive!

For any activity you plan, there are umpteen videos available online which can be of great help. The aim is to have a happy, busy day in a constructive way!

So Look good, feel good… Have a great day!!

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      1. I think it must be because I am posting so many comments on so many different posts . . . not happened quite as bad as this before. Just grateful I realised and that I am now being rescued by you and others!


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