Smiling at self – today’s reality!


IMG_5230 a

Selfie mania! So excited to have a selfie with a feathered friend!

The present geneneration people smile a lot but at themselves! All thanks to technology that they atleast are making an effort to smile for their selfies!!

In the rat race of life, simple pleasures, have definitely taken a backseat, especially in the cities! Everybody seems to be in a rush where smiling at neighbors, fellow passengers or people down the street isn’t a priority! The mobile phones have added to the problem – people in an attempt to connect with the virtual world, fail to connect with people at an arm’s reach!

I think it’s time we make a conscious effort to smile and connect with the people around us first. Connect with the rest when you are alone…

Exchange a smile with everyone you meet – it costs nothing!

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ” Phyllis Diller 

Have a smiley day!

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