Have you observed a squirrel…

squirrel b

nibble it’s way through the hard outer of a nut? That’s being truly focussed on the task at hand!

Set your goals right n focus on them. Have a great day!

For Tuesday Photo Challenge – Focus

And Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Candid

8 thoughts on “Have you observed a squirrel…

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  1. I love squirrels and I love this post of yours! 🙂 Yes, it so true – their focus and determination is simply incredible!

    I once watched one break open a black walnut from my yard. These things were so huge and so hard that even running over them with the car wouldn’t always crack the shell.

    I sat down one day on the outside step and watched a squirrel turn this walnut ’round and ’round as it placed the nut near its ear. It would abruptly stop, pop it on the tree branch and voila! The black walnut would easily crack and be ready for eating. God gave them the very skill they needed to thrive in this ol’ world!

    It was really beautiful to witness. May we all have that level of focus and will to succeed, no matter the difficult circumstances that might come against us. 🧡 Lots of love to you!

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    1. So glad you could relate with my thoughts! I really appreciate your patience and love for nature that you make time to observe n cherish the wonders of nature. Thank you so much for sharing your experience in detail – loved it! Best wishes n love to you too 🤗

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