In a long distance relationship!

A Photo a Week Challenge: What’s For Dinner

Indian thali at San Diego!

My son who is doing his undergrad at Texas, visited his aunt in San Diego for a week, before his classes begin for the fall semester. He was pampered by his aunt with a variety of food which he generally doesn’t get at his dorm.

IMG_2271 (1)
This is the american food which he loves…
My daughter’s new fad – keto diet!

This is what my daughter shared with me – her keto dinner! She stays in Ontario.

My life is full of feeds… regular updates from my kids who are miles apart! But technology has made my life a lot easier than ever before as I can be actually connected with them on regular basis – mothering by remote mode!

Yes in a long distance relationship with my kids! I’m sure many of you can relate to this phase of life…

Have a great day!

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    1. True! Especially with young adult kids – and simple routine questions like ‘what’s for dinner” helps us to know a lot more about their day n struggles in life… thank you for sharing your thoughts 😊


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