Baladna Farms – An inspiring story!

Dairy farm in a desert!

#ThursdayTreeLove – 67

At Baladna Farm
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At Baladna Farms, Qatar

In the wake of the June 2017 suspension of diplomatic ties of several Gulf countries with Qatar, Baladna, with state support, expanded rapidly into producing cow’s milk, which had been supplied to Qatar primarily by Saudi Arabia.

When the blockade was announced, Qatar was able to get milking machines delivered quickly by paying an Irish company that was also seeking to buy the equipment to step aside for a rush order.

Then it airlifted cows from Europe using Russian cargo planes. Large numbers of those cows died of heat stress, but that was before the barns and cooling systems were completely constructed. The farm also has a 17-person veterinary team and hospital.

Since then, cows have been imported from the United States and Canada. And 30 to 50 cows are being born here every day.

For the complete story click here!

At times, difficult situations bring out the best in you! Way to go… For Which Way Challenge…


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