Wee woos of city life…

unnamed (2)

When I hear a cow moo

I run to see

If she is actually around

In my backyard


The wee woo of an ambulance

I often ignore

Guessing  one may be unwell

Which is pretty normal


When I hear people chatting

Across the street

I jump off my seat

To be a part of the happening


Hooked to  the net

People often connect

Warm smiles, now mere smileys

Emotions just emoticons


Simple pleasures of life

Seem so abnormal

The normal of yesteryear’s

Now an anomaly!


Today morning, I heard a cow moo and I actually rushed to my apartment  window to check… couldn’t capture it but she for sure was around as I heard her moo again!
City life actually robs us of simple pleasures of life… 
Have a great day!

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