The Ocean draws me…


Inspired by the post The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution 


The Ocean draws me…

When in love

Or despair

Lonely or not –

I walk towards thee!


Naive at five

At fifteen I did dive

When dough a plenty or not –

I still explore thee!


A child at play

With sand in hand

Or teens –  surfs n gliders display –

All amused by thee!


I raced the wild waves when young

Now the waves race to reach me

At the shores, as I watch the young –

You enthrall me!


Now I’m frail n weak

The smell of the ocean trail

And the stormy waves –

Continue to draw me….


IMG-1827 Aa
The Ocean is the ultimate solution! There is something for everyone out there…. It’s addicting and therapeutic! Beaches are true mood enhancers…
Have a great day!

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