I just wanted to do nothing!

Over the last two months I’ve been busy relocating into a new house… So much of planning, designing, executing, re-executing, monitoring etc went into it! At times happy, many a times unhappy when things didn’t go as per plan! But the enthusiasm of the new home kept me going on…

Finally it was time to move into the new place which would be our home soon. It was the packing and the unpacking trauma all over again! I’ve done this a number of times before being an army wife… yet every time it seemed more difficult than! I would blame the ever growing volume of our goods and my age (size to be precise) for this…  A herculean task for sure… I’m sure you can relate to this only if you have first hand experience!

Finally in our new home now! Mixed feelings as the task is not over yet… It’s just the beginning of a new chapter! Wanted to put everything in place before Easter. At times the body and mind were not in sync… The mind wanted to do a lot more than the body could – signs of aging for sure!

Last week I was totally exhausted! I just wanted to do nothing! No blogging too – not even reading n commenting … sorry for that… Hoping to bounce back soon…

Yesterday, was at the local church for Easter. As I got out of the car, these wild berries caught my eye! Orange it was!! Finally the blogs were back on my mind…

IMG-1910 a

All Saint’s Church, Hyderabad.




Couldn’t get beauty of the magnificent church in a single  frame as the worship was on…

Have a great day!

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