Looking beyond…

#SpikySquares – 18

IMG_0605 a

The Statue of Liberty

The physical features of the Statue of Liberty carry significant meaning. The broken shackles at Liberty’s feet signify a breaking away from tyranny and oppression. The seven rays on her crown stand for the seven continents; each 9 feet long and weighing as much as 150 pounds. The National Park Service states that the 25 windows in her crown represent gemstones found on the Earth and heaven’s rays shining over the world. Her torch is easily understood to be lighting the path to freedom; it reflects the sun during the day and is illuminated by 16 floodlights at night.

There is a lot more history and symbolism to the monument  than what appears to the eye… To know more read – Looking beyond…

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Also for Lens-Artists Challenge #37: History

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