Historic move at our “barbed borders”!

Posted for Becky’s #SpikySquares – 2

DSC00571 a

Just barbed we stand

Between two nations –

Over decades witnessing

Hatred, bloodshed n commotion!


Heated exchanges of bombs n shells

All in vain, no gain –

On either sides, people mourn in pain

As by day n night, the fear of war dwells!


Just yesterday another barbaric act!

A fitting response to the irresponsible –

Carried our hero across the fence…

Leaving the whole nation in despair!


Rest what followed

Defied history!

Igniting hopes of good times –

Across unjust barbed borders!


Let the release of Air Force pilot Abhinandan  be the turning point in Indo – Pak history! Time to spread some love… Let’s march towards peace… Have a great day!

And yes – it’s a SWS

13 thoughts on “Historic move at our “barbed borders”!

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  1. I hope it is a turning point in the relations between the two countries. It is differences that should inspire not separate. This was a poignant and inspiring act. Sending peace to you.

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