Why celebrate valentine’s day…

Love – the only way! –  matters of the heart…

In the pink of moods…


Why celebrate valentine’s day when you make me feel loved each day!

Smart cheesy lines indeed…

Did he actually mean it?

Was there any sarcasm in it??

Or just a gimmick to escape buying me an expensive gift!

My hard disc over heats

Fears corrupt the head n heart –

Stopping me to cherish and bask in that moment of love

A human – more so a woman, that I am…


Now ten years down the line –

I still cherish those lines

And my man so fine!

Love conquers the head n heart –

Now I embrace the highs n lows of life

More human than just a woman, that I am…


Happy valentine’s to all my readers…

A special hug to my followers! 💖💖💖


For A Photo a Week Challenge: Pink

Which Way Challenge: February 14, 2019

And February photo a day challenge



8 thoughts on “Why celebrate valentine’s day…

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  1. I completely agree with that sentiment. We also have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. For that matter, we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, Fathers Day as well. These days are all devoted to sentiments we should be having every single day.

    We don’t even celebrate holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving in our home. Why? Because it feels so strange to say “On this day every year we will feel like this:__________.” Of course we don’t follow a particular religion and I get that nearly all (probably all?) religions have special days devoted to certain things. I understand where that comes from.

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