Amazing Bangkok!

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A perfect family holiday destination!

For me and many others, Thailand as a holiday destination, has always had a sex angle to it. So it was a big, quick no for a family trip. For me, Thailand was all about bars, bar girls, sex, erotic massages, cabarets…. In short a perfect destination for bachelors and an easy getaway to explore and experience the forbidden fruit.

But I was wrong!! Every city has its share, of all kinds of places to experience and Thailand was no different.  But you don’t end up in the right or wrong places, unless you decide to be there!

Based on firsthand experience, I can tell you that Thailand is a perfect holiday destination for families, especially with children. It has a lot to offer to people of all age groups. It can enrich you in the areas of culture, heritage, religion, history, adventure, romance and nature.

Last year, after extensive research, I finally zeroed down on Thailand as a perfect holiday destination for our family. And no regrets over the decision at all! Especially, with teenage kids, one has to be careful in selecting the place keeping in mind their varied interests of adventure and exploration, along with the cost and comfort factor too. So Thailand, for sure fits in all aspects!

From tourist’s point of view, Thailand has something for all age groups and interests, besides being clean, developed and hassle free. One can get a sim card at any departmental store without any paperwork. So, one can easily stay connected with the people back home. And the highways there are great too, so it is easily connects one place to another.

I am listing out some of the beautiful places we managed to see in the power packed trip of ours.

# Cultural, religious and heritage point of view –  The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew or The Temple of Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho – The temple of the reclining Buddha,  Wat Phra Yai Temple – has an enormous 18 metre tall Buddha and a dragon stair case at the entrance. Follow the link to know more  ,

# Places to visit – Safari world zoo and park – here you can meet the dolphins at the dolphin show; see the elephants paint and walk on a rope at the elephants’ show, feed the giraffes plus a lot more. Siam ocean world, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum etc. Follow the link to know more.


# Adventure and nature – Enjoy lazing out, eating and shopping on the Pattaya beach. Spend a day at the Coral island. Indulge in diving, under sea walking and snorkeling to see the beautiful corals and other marine life. Also have fun para sailing, a great experience to witness the sea from the clouds. Enjoy an elephant ride too! Follow the link to know more –

# Tryst with history and create history – Create history by talking the tigers for a walk, cuddling them or clicking a selfie with your favourite tiger at the tiger temple – Kanchanaburi.  Walk and take a train ride on the historic bridge of World War II on river Kwai, Visit the war memorial and museum too. Follow the link to know more ––231 ,

# Romance in the air – Enjoy the dinner cruise on the river Chao Phraya with your loved ones – a unique experience.. Follow the link to know more – ,

#Exposure to the unknown – A visit to the Alcazar Cabaret Show to know what really goes on there is a must, at least once in a lifetime. We did go with our teenage kids – nothing vulgar or anything to worry about! They show a lot more in our films these days… They danced to a number of popular bollywood tunes, so felt at home! Follow the link to know more –

# Shopping – No trip is complete without shopping and Bangkok offers a lot of opportunities. Of course do try your haggling skills. You can do a lot of roadside shopping – good decent stuff. I did visit the ‘Gems Gallery’ the world’s biggest jewelry store – really worth a visit. Even if you have no plans of buying one, no harm in feasting your eyes on it! Follow the link for more details –  ,

Some more links to explore the place –  ,  ,

To conclude, every place we visited was worth it. After spending six days there, we realized that, there is still a lot more to see and explore there. We definitely plan to visit the place again and explore the Phuket side, which I believe is even more beautiful!


Happy Holidaying!


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