Too cold to smile!

Frozen lake at Harbour Front
Too cold to smile!
At Harbour Front
At Niagara

Sharing some pics from last winter in Ontario…

Had I stayed out a little longer, I would be still standing there like the dinosaur – all frozen!!!

7 thoughts on “Too cold to smile!

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  1. Oh wow – when were you last here? I remember right around New Year’s Day it was *extremely* cold. Even those of us used to the cold were frozen solid. Hope you enjoyed your visit here!

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    1. I was there during the Xmas week and left after New Years! Yes there was news saying Ontario is colder than Antarctica 🙃 Yes it was a great trip n a feast for the eyes… but outdoors was bad, can only bear it for a few minutes with all the extra layers… a great experience!

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      1. Wow – that was probably the worst time you could have chosen to visit in terms of cold. On the other hand, it must have been an interesting experience in moderation.

        Hopefully you get to come back sometime in the summer. The weather here is lovely and there are so many festivals and events that there’s always something interesting to see and do.


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