Hot n spicy – love letters!

October photo a day challenge: Crimson, carmine


These great looking ‘hot n spicy’ chillies  are a local produce of Bhutan.  Clicked this n tasted it during my recent trip there!

And here comes the ‘love letters’ 



The good old ‘letter box’ – this caught my eye at the ‘Paro airport’ Bhutan.

With the invasion of technology, love letters have become a thing of the past! The excitement n joy, in waiting for one is something the present generation can’t relate to!

Today, with the click of a button, messages pop in n out! Even people seem to be popping in n out of relationships with the same speed!

Love the good old ways – not that I’m old school types…

Try writing a love letter today using a paper n pen to the love in your life. We all love to receive one! Age no bar!! Write to the one you are living with – they need to know that you care! Make them feel special… Who doesn’t like to be pampered n loved 😍

Try it out! A love letter – a hot n spicy one will work better! 😂😂😂

P.S. Some of these prompts are driving my imagination wild! 🤣

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