Together for Thanksgiving!

October Photo Challenge – Start with a T

thanksgiving 1

Last weekend was ‘Thanksgiving’ in Canada where my daughter lives. This picture was sent by her ❤ I know there is still some time for thanksgiving in America.

But I’m sure that the planning n dreaming process, to be ‘together’ on ‘thanksgiving’ with our loved ones must have already started…

Being together with our loved ones is a great feeling n together at thanksgiving makes it more special.

‘Together at Thanksgiving’ is my message to all for today’s challenge!

4 thoughts on “Together for Thanksgiving!

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  1. Beautiful message. Very true words. We don´t have a Thanksgiving day where I live, but despite that, whether we have that day in our countries / states or not, we must be grateful everyday for what we have, and be as united as we can. As you said, being together with our loved ones is indeed a gift we need to be grateful for, always. Thank you very much for these precious words 🙂

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    1. Same here… my daughter in Canada celebrated thanksgiving last week n my sister in California is gearing up for it. So I’m familiar with all the traditions of thanksgiving. These special days planned by ppl long ago are thoughtful ways to connect with one another and also to appreciate the blessings we have in life. I always believe in taking the best from every culture across the globe. We celebrate harvest festival in various forms and months back home. It is same as thanksgiving.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Means a lot. 😃

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