Gender traits – Changing trends…

The KI and KA Or SHE and HE syndrome.


Avoid stereotyping your kids…

Yesterday at the kitty party, I heard Mrs. Ahuja saying, “Can you guess what happened yesterday? I got a call from my son’s school. His teacher had lost it. She holds my son responsible for all the indiscipline in the class! She also accuses him of teasing and bullying the girls. At times, he is also involved in booing along with a few others and disrupting the class.”

I told her not to worry as it is a perfectly normal behaviour for a boy in his adolescence, who just needed some guidance. All of us present there felt the same except for Sheetal.  Sheetal told us that right from the beginning her son didn’t have any of these traits. He was always gentle and soft-spoken. She never saw in him any kind of the rough, boyish behaviour and was worried about it. I was not surprised at this as I could relate to what she was talking.

As the adage goes, girls are always portrayed as delicate, well-mannered, soft-spoken and gentle. (Which is not always true and I am sure many of you will agree with this)And boys have been portrayed as the tough, rough, rebellious macho kinds. (There are exceptions to this too!)This is the way we like to see them in this stereotyped society, but many times this is not always the reality.

My own children have contrasting personalities. My daughter has always been the bindass , bold social girl. She attended her first New Year eve’s party when she was one month old (all credit to her social parents). She always loved loud music and partying hard. Even if I whacked her lightly for something, she could take it with a smile.

But my son was poles apart. As a little child, crackers and bursting of balloons were a big no for him. He used to get petrified at these. Till date, he can’t tolerate loud music. Even if  my tone was a little louder than usual, he could sense my anger and would soon be in tears with inverted ‘u’ shaped lips. Only after seeing him I could finally relate to why artists use a straight ‘u’ for a smiling face and an  inverted one for a crying face. So he is far away from the rough, tough macho kinds, the way boys are usually classified. He is extremely sensitive at heart too.( Hoping he will change for good to survive in this world)

So admire your child for what he is and accept him or her with all their strength and weaknesses. After all, who doesn’t like a thorough, chivalrous gentleman or a brave, bold girl!!

So with changing trends, one should do away with stereotyping, especially with the roles of (lad) ‘Ki’ and (lad) ‘Ka’, I mean ‘She’ and ‘He’. Gender equality in the making!!

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