Holi – colours, colours and more colours!!

A splash of colours, a dash of colours, a burst of colours;

 Vibrant colours! Irresistible aren’t they??

Nature has the best of colours –

 Colours of the birds and bees, flowers and leaves;

Spring and fall, not to forget, the rainbow of all!

Today’s kids are deprived of nature’s abundant beauty – especially the ones living in concrete jungles. With Holi around the corner, it’s a perfect time to introduce our kids to the colours in nature and inculcate the love for nature within them. Nature walks, a visit to the local pond/lake or a trip to the nearest hills during weekends can do the trick. This also gives you the much required ‘family time’ and a break from the mundane routine!

During such rendezvous with nature, set the child in you free, hop, skip and jump, and relive childhood memories. As you admire the colours in nature, tell the kids about the hazards of chemical colours. Discuss air, water and soil pollution. (Research and read about it if required)

It is our duty as parents and responsible citizens to guide our children towards the idea of ‘A safe eco-friendly Holi’. Also enlighten them about the ‘Clean India drive’.

After all the main idea of celebrating Holi, is about the young and old, the rich and poor living together in harmony.

This Holi, let’s try to add colour in the lives of people by being kind and compassionate towards the poor and elderly in our society.

Tips for playing a safe Holi

  • Use natural colours only.
  • Play with dry colours – save water.
  • Apply oil on your hair and cream on your skin liberally, to protect it.
  • Remember to keep your surroundings and public property colour free.


Check this out – Love your planet!


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